a light in their eyes…

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Being in Nicaragua again was really great…difficult emotionally, but great! On this trip we were able to bring a group from the Journey Church in Murray, KY. It was so awesome to get to introduce them to the children that they have impacted in such a big way. It was even more amazing to see the kids impact them. I think that some of the kids left a mark on our hearts that will never go away!

Every time that we leave the country and get to hang out with the kids in Nicaragua and in South Africa, I am completely overwhelmed by the light and the hope and the joy in each of their eyes. These children have been exposed to things that most of us can not even begin to wrap our minds around. Things that no one should EVER have to experience…and definitely not at 3 years old. These children are amazing, they are the future and the hope of their countries, they have the potential to change the world. All they need is love and encouragement…they need to know that their pain and their suffering is temporary and that if they live for something bigger than themselves, they can leave their print on their communities! I see the light in their eyes, and I see a hope for their futures, a hope that can only be found in Jesus!

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