We are back in Africa with another wonderful group of friends–this group represents the people who purchased canvases at Orange ’09 to help build the safe house! We have had so much fun getting to know them and they have been hard at work in the safe house and with the kids. Today we had so much fun playing with bubbles! Norma and Kelly, two lovely ladies from Michigan brought 200 mini packs of bubbles and the kids had a BLAST this morning. One of my favorite moments was sitting and watching Tulani, an adorable three year old boy try to blow the bubbles. He would dip his wand, concentrate REALLY hard, then blow spit ALL over the place! He tried and tried and tired and then finally, he held the wand at just the right direction and blew just hard enough that bubbles started flowing everywhere!!! He started jumping up and down, laughing and screaming with excitement. It is so amazing to me how such a little thing like bubbles can bring so much joy to a child…it was a little reminder that every little thing that we can do to help these kids makes a difference. A smile, a pack of bubbles, a PBJ, a new pair of shoes…doing just a little bit goes a long way! This afternoon we are playing red light, green light and hot potato…II will post pictures of that and our bubble adventures later 🙂

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