Covered in Paint!


Last week, Chris, Michelle, Gavin and I started and completed the task of painting 200 canvases the the kids at Ithemba!  It was so much fun and quite a mess!  This time, we decided to forgo the splatter paint for a new design.  We brought different sized wooden blocks and allowed the kids to really express their creativity!  We gave them orange, white and turquoise paint and let them have at it.  It was really great to see the kids personalities come out as they painted.  Some children would carefully and meticulously place their squares in a thought out design while others took the chance to go a little crazy haphazardly sloshing the squares in paint and smashing them down on the the canvas…Needless to say, each canvas is unique and totally portrays the personality of the child that painted it!


After the painting, came the footprints…and individual “signature” of each child.  This part is the most difficult but we think it is the most important part of the canvas!  Above is a little girl named Sive signing her canvas, her very own work of art!  

These canvases are special and very close to our hearts…these canvases are meant to raise money for a safe house to be built on the Ithemba’s property.  At first, Gavin and I were not really sure if a safe house was a necessity at Ithemba but after being here for two weeks, we are desperately certain that it is not only a necessity but it will save the lives of twelve children living in unspeakably horrific circumstances.  
These canvases will once again cost $250.00 and when they are all sold, they will have provided a wonderful, warm and loving refuge for these desperate children.  These children will be taken out of the constant abuse, molestation, starvation and emotional torture that they are currently living in.  This house will provide them with two loving “parents,” a warm bed to sleep in, running water, nutritious food, and very most importantly love and safety.  Through this love, we feel certain that these children will clearly see the love of their heavenly father.

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