Hand Painted With Love

One of our favorite parts of every year is getting to paint canvases with the children at Ithemba.  Usually, we design one canvas, using cups, or blocks or squirt bottles, something easily replicated and let the kids go to town.  With this method, all of the canvases look roughly the same.

But this past summer, we decided to take a risk and give the kids the freedom to use whatever colors they want to and add whatever “finishing touches” that their creative little hearts desire!  Our only request was that they paint only vertical strokes (we tested this and they looked amazing!!)  So this year, we are SO excited to offer our first line of individually personalized, hand painted canvases!  The kids did an incredible job…their creativity was able to shine and they had a blast doing it.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of the “creative process” with you…Now, when you purchase a canvas, you get a little glimpse into the personalities of each child and like always, it is signed with a hand print or foot print and sent with a picture of the little one that created it!

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For just $250 you can CHANGE A LIFE.  The purchase of a canvas provides nutrition, academic education, medical care and a Biblical curriculum for one child for one year.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these canvases, please click over to our store!

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