Ithemba Graduation-Kindergarten Class of 2013

Ithemba School Graduation

One of our goals is to see each child graduate from Ithemba Kindergarten (also known as Grade R) program fully prepared for the challenges of the top primary school in town. In the January-November 2013 school year, Ithemba School educated 40 Grade R students and 80 preschoolers.

Four More Ithemba Students Receive Hero Scholarships

Four students tested well enough to be admitted to Jeffreys Bay Primary School. Typically, a child from the township has very little chance of attending J’Bay Primary. The dues are higher than most parents can afford and most children do not have the early educational foundation to keep up with the other students. Thankfully, Lüō supporters have financially empowered us to educate hundreds of township children and prepare them for great opportunities.

Our Hero Scholarships are currently going to 7 previous Ithemba Grade R graduates, and we are happy to be adding four more students to that list!A Hero is a monthly supporter of $100 or more each month. They are vital to Lüō’s mission to set children free from poverty! Become a Hero HERE.

Monthly Supporters Make Education Possible

The rest of our graduates will be enrolled into the public primary school with very low monthly dues. The educational system is not ideal for our students. Our graduates are invited back to Ithemba’s After-School program where supplemental education and healthy meals are provided for primary through high school students.

A huge thank you goes to our monthly supporters for making the After-School possible. $25 a month from a lüō supporter provides an Ithemba Pre-School and After-School Scholarship for one student.

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