Educate Hundreds

Ithemba houses a creche (preschool) and Grade-R (Kindergarten) in the morning and provides 2 nutritional meals, education, and basic medical care each week day for almost 200 kids from age 3 to 5.  

In the afternoon, Ithemba becomes a day-care and runs a tutoring program for students all the way through high school. Students get one nutritional meal and a safe place to play.

The hundreds of kids who come to Ithemba get their best meals of the day, medical care, and educational supplies. The school also offers hope to the teachers and staff who receive good salaries.

Right now, our monthly budget of $2500 covers two meals a day and the salaries for the teachers and staff at Ithemba. But, we want to do better than that by hiring more qualified teachers from the community and offering a competitive salary. That means increasing our monthly budget to $5000.