Potato Chip, Potato Chip, Crunchy Crunchy

I love Jesus a bunchy, bunchy. YES – that chant will get stuck in your head. It’s what we’re all saying as I type this blog…made ya read it tho…didn’t it?

As a recap, today has been another amazing adventure…from the guys adventure of sunrise surfing (ask Rich about his stitches) to singing w/ the kids, painting canvases, & meeting some new friends…it’s been another incredible day here in Jeffreys Bay.
We started this morning with another devotional Oswald Chambers…what it looks like to walk in His presence day by day, minute by minute. The message quite timely as we look to serve the kids moment by moment. We arrived this morning at Ithemba to the kids sitting at their desks working on their letters and taking their vitamins. We then broke for playtime where you could hear songs of “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…Father Abraham…If You’re Happy and you Know it Clap your Hands”…that quickly transitioned into games like Simon Says & Red Light, Green Light.
Favorite Moments today:
1. Watching Rich do basketball tricks with boys
2. Watching Matt get the kids ready for nap time (see pic)…it’s CRAZY – to hear the room go from
a loud roar to a silent whisper in less than a minute
3. The girls put on a show for us that is a traditional African dance to drums…pics to come
4. The most impactful thing we have been chewing on today is how the kids share so easily with one another considering they have NOTHING…especially when it comes to meals outside of Ithemba. Today, during snack time – popsicles were the treat – and it’s so fun to watch the kids run around sharing with them not only with their friends at Ithemba, but also with us. It’s crazy. How come we have so much trouble SHARING back home when we have so much? And these kids who don’t know where their next meal is coming from (outside Ithemba) and they will not only share with their friends, but also the bum on the street peeking his head in. It’s truly amazing.
During lunch, we took some time to continue our debrief from thoughts shared yesterday. We were able to identify a few needs we’re going to try to meet while we’re here: underwear, socks/shoes, pencils, crayons, paper, soccer & basketballs. We also did some brainstorming for LUO fundraising efforts once we’re back in the states – if you want to help out…ask us!
After lunch, we started working on the canvases…so FUN!!! (We paint canvases with the kids and then take them back to the states and sell them – for a purchase of $250 you can buy a canvas and sponsor a child for a year – if you’re interested in checking them out – they are AWESOME -email [email protected])
Tonight we had a team dinner at a cool pizza joint called 3 Fat Fish….my favorite was the fig, gorgonzola and bacon…we’re saying good bye to 4 team members so it was a great send off. Then we came home and hosted some guests from the church for milk tarts and tea before heading off to bed.
I have to say we’re all running low on energy tonight – and could really use your prayers for good rest, renewed strength, and continued connections with the kids tomorrow.
Walking in His presence,
Becca, Matt & Rich (our adopted brother)

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