LUO is a non profit organization dedicated to changing the world for the children of Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.  Through nutrition, medical care, spiritual formation and access to the very best education we believe that these sweet children will have the chance to THRIVE!

LUO was founded in 2007 by Gavin and Lindsay Tarquinio to support and grow a small ministry called Ithmeba that took in street children in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.  When LUO was founded, Ithemba was a small building that acted as a safe space for 23 children- providing a small meal and lots of love.  It was and still is run by Ria Pieters- and incredible, strong South African woman that shared a vision with Gavin and Lindsay for a school to not only provide safety- but a way out!  They saw a place of HOPE providing top quality education starting at age 3, REAL nutrition through square meals of meat, whole carbohydrates and lots of vegetable, medical care, dental care, and mentorship.  

Ithemba started small but QUICKLY grew and is now a thriving school serving over 350 children during the day- but most importantly walking with them through life.  Ithemba gives children EVERY possible resource to succeed!

In 2010 they saw a need for a full time place of safety for children in the worst situations.  The LUO house was built and is home to 12 children rescued from abusive situations.